Monday, April 17, 2017

A new mystery SAL!

It seems I'm just not meant to retire yet.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

An ode to crappy wool!

Sorry it's been quiet. I've been on my first holiday abroad with my husband; Rome.  Interesting place but will share photos later as I'm shattered.. Walked miles and put weight on?  How does that work?

Anyway, I did take my crochet....which led to this being written last night as I unpacked!

An Ode to Dodgy Wool by G. French (me)

Last week, I had a jolly,
I went to visit Rome,
I took my crochet with me,...
Which inspired this little poem.

I decided on my pattern
And chose the colour blue
I'd been given a request you see,
Which I accepted, like a fool.

"Please can you make a cardi,
for a lovely little boy?
A pretty, little baby,
He fills our hearts with joy."

"I'll give a nice donation,
To your very worthy cause."
I found myself agreeing,
Without a single pause.

As the days went on,
I felt something wasn't right.
My tension kept on swaying,
From loose to downright tight.

At first I thought the fault was me,
Reacting to the heat,
And so I kept on working,
Refusing to be beat.

The wool seemed very stiff to me.
Rough and scratchy too.
Yet still I hooked, and carried on,
T'was all that I could do.

I realised it was no good,
When I finished all the bits.
I should have listened to myself,
and felt a real t*t.

The wool WAS tough and rough and thick,
And not for gentle skin.
So I gathered all my work up,
And shoved it in the bin!

G. French
( I will use what is left to make some little baby toys so not all is lost!)

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